Here are some important
and semi-important facts
about Mitra:

Growing up, Mitra dreamed to be a professional wrestler in WWF with a stage name: Mad Monster. Unfortunately, life bodyslamed his childhood dreams and Mitra ended up working as a creative in advertising. He went from a junior copywriter to art director and later on worked as a creative director. Fortunately, Mitra had an honour to work with amazing people in agencies as Grey, McCANN, BBDO and did campaigns for brands like Samsung, American Express, Tele2, Mars and many more.

In 2020 Mitra jumped into director’s chair. SPOILER: his-best-idea-ever.

Mitra works a lot with visual humour, delivering quirky and colourful spots that highlight brand in a memorable way. His work always brings an element of surprise and details that creates an unexpected comedy twist.

Currently, Mitra is looking forward to growing his reel with great scripts and ideas; his goal is to do more International work because there is never been a better time for comedy.

And, for some weird reason, Mitra dislikes purple food. Not all. But like 99% of it totally “no”.

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